P B Transition Coaching

Moving to Switzerland
is a big step.

But you don’t have to
walk the journey alone.

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My journey to Switzerland has taught me so much more than I could ever have imagined. I moved here from Calgary, Canada, in 2019, and it was through this cross-continental journey that I became truly passionate about helping others become the most empowered version of themselves, because I experienced that transition firsthand.

I now feel like I can handle almost anything, roll with constant change, and most importantly, I have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new every day. I finally look at my journey in Switzerland as an adventure and no longer as a stress. It didn’t come easy, but it’s absolutely possible.

Are you ready to do the same?

When you truly believe in yourself and give something your best, despite feeling fear and uncertainty, happiness follows.

My Vision

I hold courage and personal growth in high esteem when it comes to happiness. Something I quickly learned during my own experience of moving halfway across the world while navigating a pandemic. It took a lot of work and perseverance, and I had to push myself to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Looking back at my journey, I can see it with true clarity: getting over my pride and finding new opportunities to grow has resulted in true happiness.

If you want to make your move to Switzerland the best move of your life, get in touch today.